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Here’s the Gnuz, not going to ask you to enjoy, it’s pretty damn dismal.

Hurricane Irma is one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes ever: what we know
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But, but Rick Perry says the climate change dialog is “secondary”.
How about the climate change dialog being upgraded to ‘primary’?


Trump rescinding DACA program
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Keep paring away all that non-lily-whiteness, prezidunce, you’re going to destroy the Republican party as you kick the can to the Congress they control.

He Can’t Even Fake It
The term is ‘sociopath’. A person so devoid of empathy, they fail epically when they even attempt it.
Salient quote…
In addition to the basic body language he keeps saying things like “Have a Good Time!” to people stranded in a shelter. Or, ‘it’s going great‘ to people who’ve just lost everything. Or, look at this huge turnout to people who … well, you get the idea. When it comes to acting human or compassionate it’s like the part of his brain governing that species of behavior has been removed. It’s like watching a person who has profound social awkwardness in a meet and greet situation at a cocktail party. It’s painful. But again, with Trump it’s not social awkwardness. It’s a basic, seemingly fundamental inability not only to experience but even to fake the experience of empathy or human concern.

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