Daily Gnuz

Well, it’s Friday…about time.
Here’s the Gnuz of the Day…

Senate approves Trump’s debt deal with Democrats
sH/T The Hill
Not many saw that coming. Doesn’t change much, just kicks the can down the road and momentarily neuters the hard right in the R party. Next up, he’ll backstab the Dems and deal in the arch-right on the Tax deal.

‘You’re a f*cking idiot’: InfoWars reporter stunned after he’s brutally mocked by young girl
sH/T Raw Story

LePage Loses Battle To Call Medicaid Expansion ‘Welfare’ On November Ballot

RUCerious @ TPZoo

sH/T means ‘serious Hat Tip’…sure it does…

22 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. Firebrand??? LePage is an IDIOT. So are many Maineahs (yes I am from New England…and now on the left coast) are also idiots.

    • LePage was, iirc, the very first politician to point out the truth about renewable energy wind turbines — that they were powered by hidden electric motors so as to make it look like they were capturing wind energy even when it wasn’t really windy. In the ranks of the teabaggers, iow, he’s really brilliant.

  2. I forget where I read it, but debt ceiling deal creates a strategic advantage for the Dems in that, should R’s try to shut down the government, that action will still be fresh in people’s minds when the ’18 elections come up. Shutting down the gov’t at Christmas will be a campaign issue, and the R’s don’t want that albatross.

  3. Twould appear that the Drumpf kneecapped his own party.
    With a chainsaw.
    Dems best not get comfy, they’re next, but most likely about the head and shoulders as opposed to knees.

  4. What if: The Republicans boot Ryan out as Speaker, then manage to install Newt Gingrich in the position. When Mueller causes both Trump and Pence to resign, guess who ends up the unelected president?

    • Didja notice that Santorum was also mentioned as an alternate to Newtie – and that this is purportedly being cooked up with the “Freedom Caucus” in cahoots with Bannon? A very tangled web, if true.

  5. It appears that the aftermaths of Harvey and Irma will require tremendous investment to building living quarters and business structures. Now add to that the work required on our transportation systems – roads & bridges, commuter rail and airports. It seems as if funding for and labor to build a wall will be delayed in coming.

    • I saw a news report where Robert DeNiro said that the hurricane ravaged island of Barbuda would rebuild. I investigated and discovered De Niro and an Australian billionaire signed a contract in 2016 to rebuild a former exclusive resort on Barbuda. Originally built by an Italian billionaire it has been abandoned for 11 years. Barbuda’s temperature ranges from a dead of winter low of 81 and mid-summer highs of 86. I’m wondering if the effort needs a logistics adviser? 🙂

        • I’m safe, thanks. I’m hoping Vinylspear and bees are safe down in the Daytona area. The more Irma travels west, the less impact here.

          My sister had Amtrak ticket to Baltimore for next Wednesday and Amtrak cancelled the train. A friend left town 2 days ago and is now in Mississippi. He’s gambling and his wife is buying clothes to replace what she thinks she’ll lose.

            • Hi stranger! I have an animal that is tuned-in to the weather. When a storm is coming Smokey hides under my desk next to my feet. Currently he is outside, even though its windy, so there’s no catastrophe near.

              Peckerhead Pete is not only illiterate, he’s stupid. He came to get my help in operating a new generator be bought. Even though the single page, illustrated instructions was attached to the machine he hadn’t looked at it. Thought he did, however, turn the on/off switch on, he neglected to turn the gas lever on and could not find the choke to move from the start position to run.

              After insisting he move the generator outside because of the fumes from trying to start the thing, I got it started and told him if he moves the generator inside to leave his door unlocked so I won’t have to bread it down after he poisons himself. As I was walking away he yelled to ask how to turn the generator off. “The on/off switch,” I yelled back.

            • Greetings!
              I have a small generator and lots of coffee stockpiled along with kibble for the dogs. The dogs are unphased by the whole thing.
              They think it’s a party and time to run around the house and steal bones from each other.

  6. I hope everyone weathers the weather wherever you are! Here in Calgary we have had 7 or 8 days of 30 degrees or higher days this summer (1 last year) but in my backyard we have had 20+ of such hot days!!! Very unusual. British Columbia has been burning all summer as well and we have had very smokey skies for weeks. Sometimes the smoke comes along the ground and it stinks and stings the eyes. Still, better than hurricanes or earthquakes.

    My wife’s cousin and husband evacuated from Fort Myres back on Tuesday, the smart immigrants! They are up in Birmingham now for a couple of days – then the hotels are all booked. They hope they can head back then but wow, it may take longer to get back.

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