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Another Blue Monday, and here’s the Gnuz

Trump scrambles tax reform debate
H/T The Hill
More furious, contradicting, nonsensical tweets muddy up pretty much everything. Way to go, obfuscator-in-chief.


Bannon plotting primaries against slate of GOP incumbents
H/T Politico
Go get ’em Steve! Run the most ardent Neo-Nazis you can drum up and get them in the race. Go get em.


Bombshell report says FBI looking at Russia’s Sputik news agency: ‘There’s a direct line’ to Trump winning
H/T Raw Story
Oh, be still my pitter patter heart…

Open Thread, yours for the taking.

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5 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

      • That was just the ones that crash landed here long ago. They came from space of course.
        I like the rock concert that celebrated the completion of Stonehenge.

  1. Finally, the perfect summation of the T Rump “administration” by Joy Reid. No wonder I like her!

    Joy Reid Wants to Argue With You

    This administration is completely different. You have to start with the premise that everything they’re telling you is a lie. You have to start with the premise that the person talking with you probably doesn’t even know the actual information, because not only do they not talk to Donald Trump, but even if they did, he probably changed his mind. You have a series of [unstaffed] departments, so these departments don’t even function. The White House doesn’t function. People are leaking in order to either one-up or harm each other — constantly. The thing journalists have had to learn with Donald Trump: You cannot treat this administration as normal because there’s nothing normal about it.

    The link is lengthy, but both informative and fascinating — at least for those of us who see Joy Reid as a journalistic standout.

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