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GOP lawmakers jittery over lack of tax reform details
H/T Politico
Should be jittery as in 12 cups of strong coffee. Remember, this is a Trump fueled fiasco, so don’t expect anything but insults and recriminations.


Trump Might Be About to Launch His Dumbest Gambit Yet to Save His Presidency
H/T AlterNet
Jefferson Morely makes the point that Trump’s triangulation is no guarantee that he can leverage that alliance. Not if he is defunding ACA outreach and looking to continue the deconstruction of the governance apparatus…


Rep. Dent: The New GOP ‘Litmus Test’ Is ‘Are You Loyal Enough’ To Trump?
Heil Drumpf! Give the prezidunce a harrumph!

Open Thread, enjoy if you have the stomach for this crap.
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