Daily Gnuz – Hump Day

Welcome to Wednesday, and here’z the Gnuz…

Obamacare Stabilization Talks Go Awry As GOPers Demand Benefits Rollbacks
Business as usual, the R’s insisting on screwing the American patient population…


Trump’s tax lieutenants face a critical stretch
H/T The Hill
Lessee, two Wall streeters attempting to drain the swamp, negotiating with Congress on a complete overhaul of the tax code. On behalf of a prezidunce who wants corporate tax rates cut by two thirds. What could possibly go right?


Bernie Sanders explains why he thinks everything short of Medicare-for-all is failure
H/T Vox
He’s correct, but can we get the nation on board? You bet we can. We like Ike! (At least Ike’s income tax rates)…

Open Thread, enjoy one thrilling episode after another…

RUCerious @ TPZoo

5 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz – Hump Day

  1. Lots of laughs, also serious talk. Cleese is always Cleese.

    In Conversation: John Cleese

    You’ve lived in America part-time for decades. Did Donald Trump’s election change your thinking about Americans?

    Mm-hmm. What I found surprising was that the least successful people supported Trump. You understand the wealthy wanting tax cuts, but why on Earth did the less successful people think Trump was going to do anything he said he was going to do to help them? I’ll give an analogy: I remember going to see professional wrestling when I was 18 — wonderful entertainment, obviously rigged. The thing that astounded me as I looked around Colston Hall in Bristol is that quite a lot of the audience thought what they were seeing was for real. That’s what’s incredible to me about such a large swath of the American people: They can’t see that Trump is fake. And if they can’t see that when it’s right in front of them, how can you convince them of anything critical about the man? It’s like holding up a red sign to a person and the person says it’s blue. You can’t logically argue them into seeing red. The inability of people unable to intuit what was going on with Trump — I was impressed by it, not repelled. It was extraordinary to me that people couldn’t see how clueless he is.

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