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Democrat on Trump pre-existing condition claims: ‘This is a lie’
H/T The Hill
Y’see, the states are going to do the taking away of the pre-existing condition requirement, so, in the Drumpfmind the bill doesn’t actually do that. Except what Senator Murphy is pointing out, that is exactly what is going to happen.


This report tells us why Trump is so afraid of Robert Mueller’s investigation
H/T Vox
Be afraid MrPrezidunce, be very afraid. Let’s see what happens when the micro-targeting of Russian bot election ads gets linked to Mr. Prezidunce.


Trump hires campaign workers instead of farm experts at USDA
H/T Politico
Got Banana Republic? Cronyism? Deconstruction of the freaking regular, or even shallow state?

Open Thread, digest with appropriate levels of biotics…
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  1. Successfully growing a chia pet on your desk at work does not qualify a person to work at the USDA.

  2. For those who want to ‘see’ the potential breadth of Republican/right winger/capitalist destruction of what remains of that which once defined America’s grandeur, this PDF from the Wilderness Society may well boggle the attentive mind:

    Too Wild to Drill

    Fact: There is NOTHING that more defines Amurkkka than MONEY — and what it takes to rake it in. Don’t believe me? Ask Wall Street. Or corporate interests. Or, for that matter, ask Num Dong Don.

    • Speaking of sick STUPID:

      Feds kill wolf that was preying on livestock

      John Bradley, a spokesman for the Fish and Wildlife Service, said the female wolf and her pack were responsible for eight livestock deaths since January, a number he called excessive. Members of the White Mountain Apache Tribe had also seen livestock killed by the pack and asked the federal government to remove the animals, Bradley said.

      Oh no! How could they!? Eat 8 cows and not pay $5.69 per pound for the privilege??!! KILL KILL THEM DAMN [endangered] WOLVES!!

      This is, indeed, a SICK society/”culture”.

  3. My dear sister had planned to visit her grandchildren and purchased her Amtrak ticket to travel from Palatka, FL to Baltimore, MD. Her original departure on the 13th was canceled due to Irma and her subsequent rescheduling was changed, 3 times. Today she was due to leave Palatka at 3:29 PM, except Amtrak keeps texting new arrival times. My sister merely forwards the message to her friend who is driving her to the station. The friend got here, at 4:20 PM for a new arrival time of 5:10 PM. After I loaded her suitcase into the vehicle and wished her safe travels it was 4:30 and she got a new message from Amtrak: New arrival time 5:59!

    I think its cool that Amtrak uses communications technology this way, its a fucking shame however, that they don’t use the latest safety systems technology and an even bigger fucking shame that Congress won’t fund major infrastructure improvements. Maybe, with global warming upon us, the increased heat will cause too many airlines to cancel more and more flights and politicians who can’t get to where they want to go fast enough will invest in high speed rail service.

    • Global warming is a myth, part of the project where lazy bums are trying to get all us hard workers to pay their way. I know that’s all true. Trump told us what’s up and that the MAKE AMURKKKA GREAT AGIN idea ain’t got nothin to do with no fake syantific shit.

  4. After I got an email from the Washington Post which included this story about trump and the South Korean president, Wayne and I had this brief but, IMHO, interesting discussion.

    Me: “I can’t believe/I’m not surprised that he had to interject his “deplorables” story when talking to the South Korean president.

    I think trump is making all of us sane folks crazy because everything he says and does elicits an automatic “I can’t believe/I’m not surprised” reaction. Our logical brains can’t handle it.”

    Wayne: “If you try to see Trump as a “regular politician,” then nothing he does makes any sense whatsoever. But if you see Trump as a narcissistic blowhard who will use any opportunity to make himself look better while putting everyone else down, and who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about being a public servant, choosing instead to use his time in the White House to enrich himself and his family even more, then it starts to make a little more sense.

    He wants the attention on himself, but only in a good way. Anyone who dares to tell the truth about him is “fake news” or a “loser who can’t accept that Trump won” (which is how he would say it.) Pay close attention to all the things he brags about and you’ll see virtually every one of them is the opposite of the truth. Hillary won the popular vote. His inauguration crowd size was not as big as he claimed. There really is a “Trump/Russia” thing for which someone (preferably him or his idiot children) will go to jail. And so on and so on and so on. He projects constantly because he’s mentally immature and can’t accept not being loved by everyone, especially his long-dead Klansman father.”


    • He’s an egomaniacal narcissist, first and foremost. He’s uneducable, knows nothing about anything other than the extremely superficial; he’s the mental equivalent of a ten year-old bully — filled with hate, jealousy, but who is scared as hell that somehow people everywhere will figure that out, thanks to fake news and all those liars who write all that stuff about him, stuff that suggests he’s really NOT as perfect and brilliant as the god some people wrote about in, say, “two Corinthians.”

      Bottom line: he personifies the most dangerous and useless beast the human imagination has yet created, and millions of people are too stupid to see the reality, to imagine the horrid dangers that Num Dong Don, aka the orange shitgibbon, genuinely represents.

      He’s the Hitler mentality reincarnate — without any of the “graciousness” implied therein.

    • The ruling class chose Trump over Hillary. Presumably, that means they see more profit in a Trump presidency. And Trump is doing his best to deliver.

      • Yep. As I noted above, “Fact: There is NOTHING that more defines Amurkkka than MONEY — and what it takes to rake it in.”

        Trump’s “election” proves for all to see that ‘we’ are all now sinking into the muck at the bottom of the pond. And ‘they’ could care less.

  5. Trump is in town tonight, and I have to work until 11pm!
    I would have loved to have been at an anti Trump rally carrying a ‘Dotard’ sign!

  6. Hugh Hewitt is pissed because John McCain is sticking it to the oligarchs by not supporting the gutting of the ACA, so they can get their tax cuts. McCain either lives to retire in 2022, or doesn’t, but either way, they can’t hold anything over his head any longer.

  7. Dotard keeps bad mouthing the NFL, and the WHOLE LEAGUE is liable to take a knee during the national anthem.

  8. On Inside Politics, the point was made that football fans that might not watch NFL games, still have plenty of college games on Saturdays. then they said it remains to be seen whether kneeling during the anthem will start happening there. The pro players have one thing that the college players don’t: a union. The NFL owners respect that relationship, while Dotard doesn’t.

  9. Seeing about a five to one ratio of Luther Strange ads vs Roy Moore ads. No matter how bad Strange might be, I don’t want Moore to get the nomination.

    I wonder if the Schneiders are watching Star Trek: Discovery?

  10. It’s illegal for the Dotard (or any government official) to tell employers who to hire or fire.

  11. In regards to the kneeling/sitting during the anthem matter I have an observation and a comment:

    I have not seen anyone participating in or supporting the silent protests insisting that the fans or others MUST also do so. Maybe I’ve missed something, but I haven’t seen a single instance of that. However, I have seen an extremely violent response from all of those against the protests insisting that the protestors MUST stop protesting. In fact, every person who does not support them seems to be very angry and very insistent upon uniform conformity to worshipping a flag. Hmmmm… smells a lot like fascism, not freedom.

    Furthermore, I would love to see (hear?), just once, one of these professional games’ anthem sung in its entirety — all 4 goddamn verses. I would wager that all the “I love standing for the anthem ‘cuz it makes me look patriotic” types would be pissing and moaning about the whole ordeal.

    It’s a fucking song. And most of them can’t even remember all of the first verse. Most of them think the first verse is the whole song (seriously). They need to get over themselves.

  12. According to multiple reports, Susan Collins has announced as a firm no on Graham-Cassidy!

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