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9 Reasons Trump’s Tax Plan Will Hurt You
H/T AlterNet
Please use these to inform the muddled masses who are going to claim we’d be better off with HWSNBN’s tax ‘reform’ package
(HWSNBN = He Who Should Not Be Named — The sitting president. I am using this moniker, cause he is thrilled every time he sees his name..)


Shooting At Las Vegas Music Festival Kills 50, Wounds More Than 200
Gun control, Schmun control, just offer coneffingdolences and go back to business as usual. No chance of effecting restrictions on lunatics owning weapons of mass murder…This is our Amurikka today.


Puerto Rico is all our worst fears about HWSNBN coming real
H/T Vox
HWSNBN, channeling his inner Nero/Caligula…

Open Thread, welcome to another hell week in Amerikka
RUCerious @ TPZoo