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HWSNBN faces political danger in visit to Puerto Rico
H/T Politico
No shiess, Sherlock. Hopefully he takes a quick helicopter ride and gets the hell out of there before opening his mouth and swallowing his entire leg.


HWSNBN : ‘What happened in Las Vegas is in many ways a miracle’
H/T The Hill
Yes, the miracle of semi-automatic assault rifles, where, in a rapid sequence, a small metal pin strikes a shell casing with a small charge of gunpowder, accelerating a lethal projectile out a grooved barrel, and injecting another round into the firing chamber with the resulting gas, … what a mucking firacle.


Lawmakers can’t do anything about mass shootings without politicizing them. Here’s why it’s okay to politicize mass shootings.
H/T Vox
Excellent rebuttal to the spurious argument that we should not do anything except weep and gnash our teeth…

Open Thread, rip it up. The 2nd amendment that is…
RUCerious @ TPZoo

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  1. The Second Amendment remains the biggest, grandest fuck-up the founders (James Madison, in this case) ever made — other than allowing slavery in the first place, of course. Today’s biggest, grandest Media fuck-up is that they never mention the true motivation behind the Second Amendment, and that Media fuck-up is made possible by the Education fuck-up in never teaching children the real reason the Second Amendment reads as it does.

    Oh well, I guess the fact that around 33,000 people die EACH MONTH by gunshot is a good thing. Population control, gun sale profits, etc.

    Q: “Is this country dead, or just in the process of dying? How can one tell the difference? Is there a difference?”

      • Don’t forget that a good number of those are the Russian bots and trolls that are following the orange baboon (all apologies to real baboons) to keep leading him along.

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