Daily Gnuz

It’s Wednesday, Hump Day, and, in case you forgot, Celebrate Trucker Citizen’s Band day.
You know, 10/4 good buddy!

In the gnuz…

Swing-seat Republicans squirm over GOP tax plan
H/T The Hill
HOW DARE THEY concern themselves over the well being of their constituents!!
FEALTY to Hair Leeder HWSNBN, good. Taking care of people, BAD!


Amid Bombshells, Trump Complains: ‘So Many Fake News Stories Today’
Uhh, yes. And most of them coming from the tweetfarts of HWSNBN


Rex Tillerson called Donald Trump a “moron,” was ready to resign: report
H/T Salon
C’mon Rex, man up and leave the moron to his own nepotistic devices. Do the Right Thing.

Open Thread, Resist
RUCerious @ TPZoo