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Here’s whatz in the gnuz this Mondayish Morning:

Smerconish says Corker’s Building A 25th Amendment Case
Even though this tack hasn’t got a chance of being carrier out by the bootlicking Republican Congress, it’s nice to see the Senator from Tennessee getting a roundhouse right to the ample gut of HWSNBN. (He who should not be named)…


Trump reignites NFL protest controversy by ordering Mike Pence to leave a Colts game
H/T Vox
Hilarious, but taxpayer costly (to the tune of $200,000) Kabuki theater, demonstrating the depths to which the Vice President will abase himself to ingratiate and pay fealty to HWSNBN. On a brighter note, he escaped having to watch two of the worst football teams play an hour of crapball.


H/T The Hill
Crunch time, as in nut-cracker if they don’t somehow manage to pass something, anything, a tax cut, tax reform, tax man, no, wait, that’s a Beatles song…

Open Thread, survive the week, resist.
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