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Hump Day arrives, and here’s the HD Gnuz:

File this one under just Nucking Futz.
Zinke: Taking Down Confederate Statues will Upset ‘Native Indians’
The dumfukkery is now an avalanche of the stoopid


Trump asked for tenfold increase in US nukes in meeting that prompted Tillerson’s ‘moron’ remark: report
H/T Raw Story
So, we need to take our nuclear arsenal up from the current 4,000 to the mid-sixties level of 32,000? And violate how many treaties we are signatories to?:?? Yes, a moron would think so…


4 things Congress and the White House could do to stop Puerto Rico’s crisis from getting worse.
The local government will run out of money in a few weeks.

H/T Vox
But they won’t. Don’t really give a crap. They’re folks of the brownish persuasion, you see.

Open Thread, have at it, tear it to pieces
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