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It’s Tuesday, so here’z the TuesGnuz…

Trump Blames ‘Generals’ For Telling Him Obama Didn’t Call Family Members
Always has to blame others for his failures and lies. So, is he lying as he blames others for his bullsh***ing?


Trump’s Latest Obamacare Attack Triggers Rate Hikes, Lawsuits, Confusion
Not just raising rates, but forcing insurers out of the market, huge swaths of people to not be able to afford health insurance, and costing the gummint billions…preziduncial.


The 4 steps Republicans have to take to pass tax reform
H/T Vox
Phase 1: before cutting taxes, Republicans need to pass a budget
Phase 2: overcome key policy disagreements
Phase 3: actually go through regular order — or so they say
Phase 4: get this bill through the Senate’s obscure budget rules — which is the really hard part

Let’s have a pool on which phase(s) the Republican’ts will fall on their faces. Perhaps giving HeWhoShouldNotBeNamed a __________ fill in the medical condition you prefer…

Open Thread, let’s try to get through the week with our sanity intact.
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