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Welcome to Wednesday, why the hell is the d before the n?
Anyhoo, here’z the Gnuz

Why Trump Will Regret Passing Tax Reform
What else is keeping the GOP establishment in line behind him?
H/T Politico – Matt Latimer
This is an amazing read. Mr. Latimer hits the nail on the head repeatedly, and repeatedly, and…well, you get the idea…


President Trump admits he’s trying to kill Obamacare. That’s illegal.
H/T Vox
Oh, snap. More grounds for impeachment, or just another cup of weak moron cofeve?


New health deal falls flat with GOP
H/T The Hill
You mean the Deal made between Senators Murray and Alexander? The BIPARTISAN bill that Trump first liked, then someone told him it had to pass the House.
The House, where it had no chance of passing. The passing of which would THEN render it unto his desk for signature?
Yes. That one. No wonder coward boy doesn’t like it any more. It’s a ‘loser’. Spite, malice, and failure to live up to his sworn oath of office.

Open Thread, rip it to shreds!
RUCerious @ TPZoo