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Welcome to Wednesday, why the hell is the d before the n?
Anyhoo, here’z the Gnuz

Why Trump Will Regret Passing Tax Reform
What else is keeping the GOP establishment in line behind him?
H/T Politico – Matt Latimer
This is an amazing read. Mr. Latimer hits the nail on the head repeatedly, and repeatedly, and…well, you get the idea…


President Trump admits he’s trying to kill Obamacare. That’s illegal.
H/T Vox
Oh, snap. More grounds for impeachment, or just another cup of weak moron cofeve?


New health deal falls flat with GOP
H/T The Hill
You mean the Deal made between Senators Murray and Alexander? The BIPARTISAN bill that Trump first liked, then someone told him it had to pass the House.
The House, where it had no chance of passing. The passing of which would THEN render it unto his desk for signature?
Yes. That one. No wonder coward boy doesn’t like it any more. It’s a ‘loser’. Spite, malice, and failure to live up to his sworn oath of office.

Open Thread, rip it to shreds!
RUCerious @ TPZoo

20 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. And here’s one more, from Nancy Letourneau in Washington Monthly
    Trump’s Criminally-Inspired Approach to Deal-Making
    Salient quotes
    The president is a world-class demolitions expert, preoccupied with a retrospective vision of tearing down, not building up.
    From Josh Marshall’s article For Me To Win, You Have to Lose
    President Trump has no idea how to negotiate international accords or treaties or how to pass laws. These require building coalitions and trust because you’ll need to work with the same actors again in the future. You also need to build coalitions of people or nations each of whom think they have something to gain from the effort. As Nocera noted in that column about the golf resort swindle, Trump’s idea of business is basically cheating. That doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the law, though Trump does plenty of that. It means making money by trickery and hard dealing in which the other party usually ends up screwed. Those just aren’t the skills that end up being effective for a President. But that’s all Trump knows. That’s why we currently have what amounts to governance via chaos and outburst. Trump doesn’t know how to be President.

    • Don the Con is becoming more nervous. Mueller is getting closer and closer. Even Putin is nervous. Dotard Donald is doing his best to divert the media’s attention away from his Russian connections. That is why he is attacking people around him. The stupid media loves to follow his nonsensical tweets when it should be focusing on the real issues. Donald’s tweets are bullshit and he uses them as a media bait.

  2. Watched John Kelly address the Trumpian nonsense concerning contacting families of the military dead this afternoon. I’ve dismissed him. He’s an apparently good fit in the “leather soul” department of the Trump adminidamnstration.

    Meanwhile, Ding Dong Un and Num Dong Don appear to be getting ever-closer to some level of nuclear confrontation. Perhaps the galaxy will soon find its most grand cosmic benefit: the self-imposed extinction of its primary evolutionary mistake: Homo sapiens hairdo elstupido.

    Vamos a’ver.

  3. On Meet the Press, Thomas Friedman made a distinction between Trump having ‘formal’ authority, and ‘moral’ authority. He DOES have formal authority, but certainly doesn’t have moral authority.

  4. Putting Matthew Dowd on camera with Eliana Johnson, on This Week, Dowd couldn’t keep his eyes on her face when she was talking. He kept dropping his gaze to her chest. Someone at ABC must have noticed, and told him, because after a break he didn’t do it anymore.

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