Daily Gnuz Monday Edition

Monday, Monday, Can’t trust that day…
Here’z your daily doze of the gnuz:

McCain appears to criticize Trump’s draft deferment with ‘bone spur’ quip
H/T Politico
Appear to? APPEARS TO?? Give em Hell Johnny, what’s the ChickenS**t in Chief going to do, send you to ‘Nam?


Trump-backing Amazon worker counting on GOP tax cuts to help him ‘buy food and stuff’
H/T Raw Story
And here, my friends, is why Amerkka is in deep s**t. The few, the proud, the stoopid.


Trump promises: ‘NO change to your 401(k)’
H/T The Hill
Right. And the Czech is in the mail. How did they stuff into the mailbox? P.T. Barnum was correct, and prescient.
Anyone who believes this promise deserves the impoverished retirement they’ll get.

Open Thread, Resist.
RUCerious @ TPZoo

8 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz Monday Edition

  1. Newt Gingrich: Trump Has ‘Brought Out Into The Open How Truly Anti-American Much Of The Left Is’

    No, Newt. “The Left” is purely loyal American, and stands-for/advocates equal rights for all people, including even the right for black citizens to vote. What Trump has shown the world is how completely Fascist The Right has devolved to become, how it uses hate and fear as tools to put in place its whites-only (Aryan??) agenda.

    Perhaps you, Newt, could better serve the America of which you speak by, say, falling (jumping??) off a very tall cliff, something like that.

    On a brighter note:

    Rick Wiles: Las Vegas Massacre Was Carried Out By ‘A Gay/Lesbian Nazi Regime’

    What a relief. Here we thought all along that it was nothing more than a crazy and hate-filled right wing whitey gun nut. Nice to finally learn who was really behind it.

    • Nice to know that the Drumpf administration is actually Gay/Lesbian Nazis. I was sure that they are Nazis, and somewhat comforted by the whole Gay/Lesbian tag.

  2. Just found a hilarious article on Vox about the softball interview the prezidunce flubbed on Sunday. Here’s one quote..
    He’s simply incapable of discussing any topic at any length in anything remotely resembling an informed or coherent way. He says the Federal Reserve is “important psychotically” and it’s part of one of his better answers, since one can at least tell that he meant to say “psychologically.”
    Yes, important, psychotically, what do they call that? Oh, yeah, projection of self…
    And, yet more precious…
    Asked whether he plans to tie an infrastructure plan to his tax plan, Trump says, “I was thinking about tying it, but there’s too many honestly.” Too many what? He then continues: “You lose a few votes, you gain a few votes. I don’t want to take any chances ’cause I feel we have the votes right now the way it is.” There is, of course, no tax bill at the moment, so there’s no way Trump has the votes for it.

    Kumpleat Numnutfukz

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