Daily Gnuz

It be Tuezday, and hear’z the gnuz

Darkness: life in Puerto Rico without electricity
H/T Vox
Congrats to the prezidunce for turning this part of Amerikka into a 3.5rd world situation. No power, no clean water…


Senate seeking clarity from Trump on Obamacare deal
H/T Politico
Hard to get clarity from the bucket of sludge that is the prezidunce’s brain


Eric Trump and Don Jr. Are Planning to Open ‘Plantation-Style’ Luxury Hotels in Poor Black Areas
H/T Alternet
Spoiled fruit doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree

Open Thread, have at it, rip it to shredz…
RUCerious @ TPZoo

13 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. To expand on the Puerto Rico debacle: A friend has been sending much needed necessities to the island in an attempt to make life bearable.
    None of the shipments got to the intended recipients.
    They were stolen and went missing somehow.
    What’s needed is the deployment of the National Guard. The declaration of a state of emergency does nothing without the forces to back it up and oversee law and order.
    According some of the information I get, it’s chaos and they’re going to leave.
    Instead of a Cuban refugee crisis, we’re going to have a Puerto Rican refugee crisis over a longer time period.

  2. $300M Puerto Rico Contract Awarded To Tiny Firm Financed By Big Trump Donors
    More graft and grifting from the Grifter-In-Chief…
    The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s granting of the huge contract to Whitefish Energy Holdings, a two-year-old company that reportedly had two full-time employees when the hurricane first hit, was first reported by the Weather Channel last week…
    The Post noted that the firm is based in Zinke’s hometown and that its CEO, Andy Techmanski, is friendly with the Interior secretary, while the Daily Beast reported that Whitefish’s general partner maxed out donations to the Trump primary and general election campaigns, as well as a Trump super PAC, in 2016.

  3. “Plantation style” motels and hotels. Just what the South needs… a reminder of their “good old days” when blacks worked for FREE on their plantations./s

    The Trumps represent the worst of the United States.

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