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It’s Freeday, er Friday, so let’s hear it for Free Dumb!

Specter of Violence Looms Ahead of Tennessee “White Lives Matter” Rally
Here we go again, this time teh Nazis invade Tennessee.


The Memo: Trump tax reform nears crunch time
H/T The Hill
Salient quote is 1st paragraph:
“President Trump faces a stark question as he and Republicans in Congress move ahead on tax reform: Can he come up with a plan that helps the people who elected him, or will most of the rewards go to the richest Americans?”
Answer is obvious. The suckers who voted for him are easily grifted. He’s out for hisself, hisself and his wallet.


‘Something fairly big is coming’: Ex-FBI double-agent predicts Russia bombshell after Trump evasions
H/T Raw story
Oh, be still my beating heart…Well, not completely still, but I be a droolin’…

Open Thread, enjoy your weekender
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22 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. We’re now less than a month short of 54 years since JFK was assassinated, but there remains ‘fear’ in various government agencies over the complete release of remaining data and papers. Two questions: what are they still trying to cover up, to hide? Why is Trump now complicit in said project?

    What are “they” trying to hide?

  2. According to the buzz, Mueller has filed charges on somebody. Hope I can get home in time to catch Rachel’s replay.

  3. “Shortly after Mueller was appointed as special counsel, the former FBI director took control of an existing federal grand jury in Alexandria, Va., that had been examining Flynn’s prior lobbying business involving Turkey.”

    Since these charges are from the D.C. jury, I expect it’s not Flynn, unless it’s other issues he was in on.

  4. Miss those Friday night music jams with Ebb, TyT, gummitch, and Queen Zooey. Ebb and I shared a love of the blues, especially harp players including Sonny Boy, Charlie Musselwhite, Paul Butterfield, and this man James Cotton. Hope you’re listening Ebb.

  5. Larry Summers is on Fareed Zakaria, and even though he’s arguing against the Trump tax cut claims, he still earns my nickname Larry Slumbers, because he’s putting me to sleep.

  6. While riding the local bus I overheard the following: If given the chance what would you do to the asshole in the White House?
    A. Shave his head.
    B. Cut off his thumbs.
    C. Cut out his tongue.
    D. All of the above.

    Wow, I thought I hated the Dotard!

    • You were more fortunate than me, pachy. During my last trip on the bus I sat just in front of two old rightwhiners who didn’t care if anyone overheard their BS. They were not the least bit shy about expressing their view that President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and every one of “those football players” should be executed or worse. When it comes to Trumpy? Well, “he’s finally making America great again”. I tend to avoid conflicts on the bus at all costs but, looking back, I should have stood up, turned around, and asked them when, exactly, they thought America became less than great. My guess is that their reply would be; “when you damned libruls voted for a coon” and/or a physical attack.

      BTW. The racist dog whistle currently heading the vocabulary list of Minnesota racists seems to be “coon”. Despite our current POTUS being an unabashed racist they did, at least, learn that doesn’t give them permission to use the “N-word” in public. Yet.

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