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Looks like we had a critterful weekend, welcome to Mundane Monday,
and here’z the Gnuz…

‘The Russians Have Succeeded Beyond Their Wildest Expectations’
H/T Politico
And all the chicken-in-chief can do is try to deflect blame and shame…prezidunce.


Paul Manafort indicted: Trump’s former campaign chair facing charges in Mueller investigation
H/T Vox
It’s only money laundering and racketeering, but the real lever is what does he know about what the prezidunce knew, and when did the prezidunce know it?


This week: Republicans to unveil long-awaited tax bill
H/T The Hill
Watch as the middle class and the ‘under-class’ get screwed, blued and tattooed, and the rich get lots richer…

Open Thread, survive the week and RESIST.
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  1. Manafort, and Rick Gates. Indicted. Is Don Jr. next? Will Ivanka stand by her man, literally? Will Daddy grant pardons before this goes any further? Will Melania leave Trump to resume her modeling career? Stay tuned to this website for the next episode of “Apocalypse Trump”.

  2. Some are excited about four sealed indictments on the DC docket between Papadopoulos and Manafort. No way to know if they are related or not.

  3. Hi, guys. I had an interesting Halloween.

    Went to the local urgent care center in the morning with symptoms that strongly suggested appendicitis. Had a CT scan @4:00PM. Got wheeled pretty much straight from the imaging room to preop. Had appendix removed between 8:00 and 9:00 last night.

    This morning, after they pulled the IV painkiller drip and I woke up, had a omelet and an english muffin @8:30. Didn’t throw up so I was discharged a bit after 11:00 and was home by 11:45. Other than a couple twinges of manageable pain if I tug at my incision I’d say I’m feeling about 90% and I’m dying for a burger!

    It had been several years since I was last admitted to a hospital and they sure have improved things in general procedures and patient care. While a nurse was showing me the controls on the call button/TV remote she hit said call button accidentally and there were two other nurses and an aide in my room within 30 seconds. The last time I was in a hospital room I pulled an IV loose and was squirting blood all over the room and I spent so long hammering the call button that I just pulled the tap out myself, scrounged some gauze and tape from the bins, and called a cab!

    They also added “room service” with a pretty decent menu. The cheddar omelet was quite good but they still, somehow, manged to screw up English muffins! My guess is that they toast up a big batch in an oven and then nuke them to order because it was a bit like raw dough infused with rubber.

    On the medical side: it was confirmed that one reason they kick surgical patients loose ASAP, don’t use “precautionary” antibiotics, and schedule near daily visits to check for infection is to fight those nasty “superbug” infections. The first reduces exposure and the second and third prevent making new superbugs. The doctor got a big chuckle out of it when I said I always thought it was because doctors and nurses secretly, or maybe not so secretly, hate patients and just want to get rid of them! Anyway. I’m home and feel pretty good. Barring any setbacks I’m even planning on going fishing Saturday.


    • I’m glad all is well with you Pete, people our age sometimes don’t fare so well from emergency surgery.

      By the way, have you found a new kitty yet?

      • Thanks, pachy. I think I surprised the caregivers as much as I surprised myself when I realized I was actually feeling pretty good as soon as I was fully awake. Luckily; the initial symptoms should up over a very short window and I was in surgery before I was even running a fever or my white blood cell went up so there wasn’t an existing, general, infection to deal with. That being said… now that I have been puttering around the house a bit I’m starting to look longingly at the giant bottle of percocet they sent me home with! I’m not afraid of opiods but I don’t enjoy the “high” and they tend to make me sweat and shiver on an alternating basis.

        I still haven’t found the right kitty. My last one was such a joy that I don’t want to end up with a new one that just makes me miss him more.

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