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Welcome to Thurzday, here’z the Gnuz…

Trump: repeal the individual mandate in tax reform. Top Republicans: oh no, please no.
H/T Vox
Open Mouth, spew chaos, rinse with acid, repeat.


House GOP waffles on Trump’s promised permanent cut in corporate tax rate
H/T The Hill
House turns into IHOP. Waffles for Thursday breakfast. Idiots Hanging On Prezidunce


Don’t buy the latest spin. The GOP tax plan is still a huge giveaway to the rich
H/T Greg Sargent – Plum Line via WaPo
Wait till they announce the brackets today…Holey Hades breaks out as every negatively affected interest group that’s donated shitload of moolah to the political cesspool demands that everybody but them gets screwed.

Open Thread, enjoy your Thurzday
RUCerious @ TPZoo

8 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. So. Trump freaked out over the NYC murders, solely (near as I can tell) because the perpetrator was a Muslim immigrant from Uzbekistan. Eight dead. Clearly a crime. Trump also wants to immediately change all immigration laws, also said he wants “the death penalty” on the suspect — no due process needed, I guess.

    Then this morning, a middle-aged white guy shot and killed three people in a Denver suburb Walmart. Trump’s response? Crickets.

    A month ago, a white Amurkkkan gun nut shot and killed 58 innocents in Las Vegas, wounded 500 more. Trump’s response? A few words lots of silence. Nothing else. No congressional or presidential actions concerning guns — and/or the nuts that own them — of any kind; the NRA wouldn’t like it, after all.

    The death of this nation is RAPIDLY picking up speed.


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