37 thoughts on “Music Night: Post ’em if you got ’em

  1. I’ll be home shortly after 11pm central. Until then I’m hamstrung with a data-challenged iPhone at work.

  2. I just remembered that tomorrow is Nicole Sandler’s birthday, Zooey. I think y’all are the same age, iirc. Happy birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday.
    Congratulations on your trip around the sun.
    Live that wild wild life!

  4. Trivia. Ellen Foley sang the original female tract for Meatloaf.
    She was married to Mick Jones of the Clash and played the public defender on early Night Court series.

    • Goodnight QZ, goodnight critters. Remember to be real cool, but if you can’t be real cool, be as cool as you can be.

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