Daily Gnuz

Morinin, Zoo. Thank You Zooey for a wonderful Music Night last Friday eve!!

And now, back to reality with the Daily Gnuz

Lax Texas Gun Laws, the NRA and Another Horrendous Deadly Mass Shooting
H/T Alternet
Yes, gun rights are more important than human rights. At least in Texas…


The Republican tax plan’s original sin. A giant, unpopular, unworkable business tax cut.

H/T Vox
I must relucantly admit, that a small, mean part of me wants the R’s to steamroll this through. By 2020 America will be on its knees as more and more services are dismantled. Then we may get another 40 year run of Republican minority representation.


Russia Puts the Squeeze on Don Jr.
This is also known as C O L L U S I O N.

Open Thread, enjoy A moronic Monday
RUCerious @ TPZoo

19 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. Num Dong Don on the Texas church massacre: “It’s not a gun situation.”

    Of course it’s not. I mean, the shooter wasn’t a Muslim, a Mexican, an African (black), or a slant-eyed Asian (dark skinned “terrorists”, iow). He was a white boy gun nut, one whose only sin was beating up his wife and child. But he was, like the Vegas mass murderer, the Newtown mass murderer, etc. etc., white. So no problem. If the mass murderer is white, iow, it’s never “a gun situation.” Guns have nothing to do with mass murders, after all. Unless … well, you know.


  2. Hi, everybody. I am still pleasantly shocked by my recovery from having my appendix removed on Halloween night. I could have taken 2 Percocets every 4 hours but I’ve only taken 8 in total; mostly as a sleep aid. I was fortunate to catch it early and I have proven tougher than I thought. I have walked, at least, my normal 2 miles a day since last Thursday and, partially owing to opiate induced slumber, I’ve found myself with a lot of extra energy. Best of all? I am not supposed to lift more than 10 pounds for another week so I don’t have to drag and/or butcher deer this year! All I have to do for our big game feed is cook stuff.


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