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Dems win from coast to coast
H/T The Hill
Feels good to see the nation start the long road back to sanity.
Quote about my great state of Washington:
In Washington, Democrat Manka Dhingra (D) appeared headed for victory in a special election to fill an open state Senate seat. Dhingra’s win, in a formerly Republican district, would give Democrats control of all levers of government in the Evergreen State


Charges dropped against woman who laughed at Trump nominee Sessions
H/T Raw Story
Here’s some more dadblamed good gnuz!


Virginia elects Danica Roem, the first openly transgender state legislator
H/T Vox
The trifecta of good gnuz for this Wednezday

Open Thread, take it or leave it or do something gross with it.

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14 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. Happy one-year anniversary, Amurkkka! Today we begin death-of-a-nation year two. Will we the people catch on in time to reverse the process? Yesterday was nice, indeed, but does it point to a trend? Or is our Descent Into The Maelstrom irreversible?

    Vamos a’ver.

  2. Woman Fired For Flipping Off Trumps Motorcade Receives 453,673 Job Offers

    Juli Briskman, the 50-year-old mother of two who cycled her way into America’s heart, won’t be out of work for long

    When Donald Trump’s motorcade passed her on the back roads of Virginia last week, cyclist Juli Briskman did what any patriotic American would do, she saluted — with a raised middle finger.

    A photo of the incident, taken by a press pool photographer riding in the caravan of black SUVs, went viral the next day, making Ms. Briskman an overnight Internet sensation. But it also cost the 50-year-old marketing executive her job at Akima LLC, a U.S. government contracting firm.

    No worries. A week after giving the president the finger and finding herself out of work, Ms. Briskman has now received 453,678 job offers (and counting) from employers large and small, from every state in the union.

    Next time I’m out of work, I’m just going to find me a Presidential motorcade…

      • The moment I heard about the shootings, my first out-loud question was ‘how long will it take before a wingnut blames Obama?’

        A little more than two days, looks like. At least before it made the airwaves.

  3. I am a scientist (O.K. My master’s in in chemical engineering but I actually accrued enough credits to earn a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry before I switched majors. Sue me.) and I can categorically state that this silly bint is “not even wrong”. i.e. she is asserting that her ignorance and stupidity carry the same weight as the knowledge and experience of people who ACTUALLY KNOW WTF SHE IS TALKING ABOUT!!!


    • Wow. if the tobacco industry gave her some money I’m sure she’d start campaigning for getting kids to smoke cigarettes. “Hey, it builds character and has all kinds of good stuff in it for growing youngsters. The whole science of ‘is it bad for you’ is questioned by many, or some. Well, I believe it is good for kids, so….”.

      Fossil-fuel dinosaur whore.

  4. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but I heard that one of the reasons Trump seems to get along so well with China’s Xi Jinping is that, when Jinping visited the US earlier this year, he whispered “congraturations on your recent erection” to Trump.

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