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For Thurzdaze, Octobris the Novem

GOP faces wrenching call: Running with or away from Trump
H/T Politico
Damned if they do and double-dog-damned if they due.


‘Never coming on this show again’: Fox guest leaves in disgust after host rejects standard arithmetic
H/T Raw Story
My question would be, ‘Why the f**k were you on Faux Snooze in the first gawdamned place?


China Lavishes Red-Carpet Treatment On Trump As He Arrives For Talks With Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping knows that where the Prezidunce is concerned, flattery will get you whatever the hell you want.
Notice picture of dummy sitting there looking ever so much like a, well…dummy
And the First Rich Lady looks absolutely bored out of her skull.

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