Daily Gnuz

A lovely stormy Toozday morning to ya, and here’s the Gnuz…

Sessions raises specter of special counsel on Clinton and uranium
H/T Politico
As the USA governmental apparatus rushes headlong into autocracy and dictatorship, taking lessons from Stalin, Hitler, Duterte and others…Fascista


Pence Denies Knowledge Of Dotard (sic) Trump Jr. Contacts with Wikileaks
Ship, Sinking, Rats…


GOP mobilizes against Moore
H/T The Hill
Amazing that some R’s are getting a conscience!.. Wait, that’s not what’s happening, it’s just another Todd Akin moment, they’re pants are on fire…

Open Thread, stay strong, but use deodorant…
RUCerious @ TPZoo

6 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. Pence denies knowledge of everything. He has no idea what a campaign even is. And he knows nothing at all about this so-called “Trump” family that people keep linking him to. Pence denies any knowledge of Pence. He is so disoriented that he doesn’t even know where he is. “I’m the vice-president of what? The U.S. of A.? Never heard of it.”

    Sessions.. ditto… hmmm… seems like a pattern has become evident…

  2. And here is a precious nugget that needs no explaining…
    Hobby Lobby Scion Spent Millions on Biblical Relics—Then Came a Reckoning
    H/T WSJ
    I reckon this chump got scammed. Isn’t there something about pride comething before a fall? The Museum of the Buy Bull bought a lot of bull,
    Apologies for the Wall Street Jungle requiring subscription to read whole article, but hoping you get enough to have a good chuckle over the chuckleheaded Xianista.

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