Daily Gnuz

It’s Thurzdaze and here’z the Gnuz…

Senate Confirms Former Mine Executive To Be In Charge Of Mine Safety
H/T HuffPo
Dear Coal Miners, please don’t die on the job. Thank You. Oh, and btw, the cost of cleaning up your carcass will be equal to your last paycheck.


The first official Republican “no” on the Senate tax plan is Ron Johnson
H/T Vox
Will McCain, Murkowski, Corker, Flake or Collins join in and shitcan this giveaway to the richest 1%??


Trump to allow imports of African elephant trophies
H/T The Hill
Let’s see what the Dept of Fish and Game says…
“The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) said it has determined that hunting African elephants in Zimbabwe and Zambio ‘will enhance the survival of the species in the wild,’ which is the standard by which officials judge wheter to allow imports of parts – known as trophies – of the animals”
Holy F**k. Kill them to save them. It must still be 1984.

Open Thread, get a firm grip, and resist.
RUCerious @ TPZoo

3 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. Trophies from elephant hunts in Zimbabwe were banned in the U.S. Trump just reversed that.

    The Trump administration announced Wednesday that the remains of elephants legally hunted in Zimbabwe and Zambia can now be imported to the United States as trophies, reversing a ban under President Barack Obama.

    African elephants are listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has determined that large sums paid for permits to hunt the animals could actually help them “by putting much-needed revenue back into conservation,” according to an agency statement.

    Maybe it’s just me, but wouldn’t a far more effective species recovery program be to disallow hunting/killing, period?

    Oh, wait. It was Obama’s decision to disallow trophy imports. His name is on it, ergo it’s gotta go.

    • There just aren’t strong enough words to describe how I feel about that…thing…in our White House. I would honestly rather have our planet attacked by an alien species than endure four fucking years of this horror.

      • I couldn’t agree more. Never thought I’d live long enough to see my country of birth turned into an early version of Nazi Germany, but here we are. My only remaining hope is that Trump is, indeed, as stupid as he seems . . . and as crooked . . . and that that combination will prove sufficient to permanently dispose of him. But I’m not holding my breath in anticipation.

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