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Thurzday, Thangzgizzing Day 2017 and here’z the gnuz

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Trump Organization Reaches Deal To Walk Away From SoHo Property
Salient Paragraph(s)
The project was troubled from the beginning. The SoHo development was also the subject of complaints from private investors who accused the Bayrock Group, a frequent Trump partner, of failing to disclose fraud convictions of two Bayrock partners.
The New York Times reported that the development also took “financing from questionable sources in Russia and Kazakhstan.”
Buyers in the development were angry that the Trumps allegedly inflated claims of the project’s success, and the Trump Organization ultimately settled a civil suit in 2011, admitting no wrongdoing and agreeing to refund much of buyers’ deposits.

ProPublica, WNYC and The New Yorker reported in October that the Manhattan district attorney’s Major Economic Crimes Bureau had opened an investigation into Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Jr., the President’s eldest children, in 2010.
Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr’s team reportedly acquired emails in which the Trump siblings discussed how to coordinate misleading information to give to people interested in condo units.
Marc Kasowitz, one of Trump’s longtime personal attorneys, donated $25,000 to Vance Jr.’s reelection campaign in 2012. According to the report, Vance Jr. returned the donation. He dropped the case against the elder Trump children several months later, and Kasowitz reportedly helped raise an additional $50,000 for his campaign.

If Rotten fruit falls to the pavement in Manhatten, is there fraud in the mess?


The theory behind Trump’s tax cuts is exactly what gave us the failed Bush economy
An influx of foreign hot money isn’t what we need.

H/T Vox
This isn’t about what we need. This is about unbridled greed and avarice. It’s the gold, stupid!


37 of 38 economists said the GOP tax plans would grow the debt. The 38th misread the question.
H/T WaPo
Whatever happened to “Mortgaging our children’s Future”? Oh, right, that was when Democrats were asking for a safety net…

Open Thread, stuff your TurDuckEn with it..
RUCerious @ TPZoo

10 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. Today I’m going to be thankful that I still have a job that last March was only going to be 90-120 days, and hopefully will continue into the new year. We normally work 3-11, but for some strange reason they wanted the second shift to work days this past three days, so I’ve had to get up at five am to be there by seven, but I got through it.
    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

  2. I was giving some thought to the Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump urination contest.
    All Kim Jong Un has to do is praise and flatter Donald on what a brilliant and successful man he is and Donald will roll over like a dog for tummy rubs.
    Kim Jong Un is going about it all wrong.

  3. Hi, guys. I’m having a great Thanksgiving. My Vikings won, my nearest family is in Arizona, it’s 45 degrees outside, and the coals are almost ready for a nice sirloin steak. Best wishes and, as always…


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