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It’s Friday, and there’z nothing Black about it… Here’z the Gnuz!

Why a leading political theorist thinks civilization is overrated
H/T Vox
An interesting take on the origins of civilization and our assumptions about it.

‘Bread and circuses’ could strike down America like it did in Rome
H/T The Hill
Parallels about how poorly served constituents can be placated by reality tv, empty promises and slogans…quite a few examples of the symptoms

Flynn Lawyers Break Off Contact with Trump Team In Possible Sign of Plea Deal
As the wheel turns, the noose closes tighter and tighter…

Open Thread, enjoy it with your morning coffee/tea/beverage!

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9 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. I would rather duct tape a leaf blower to the vent pipe of a porta potty and climb inside than try to make sense of of our current political landscape. I am so over this and we still have three more years.
    How do I move to Australia?

    • I tell my friends, as long we have cheap gas and teevee, no one is really going to get upset about anything. They may express temporary outrage but it passes rapidly due to our short attention span.

  2. One more for the corps!
    A former GOP heavyweight, Bruce Bartlett, calls it like it is, amazingly refreshing!!
    GOP Insider Bruce Bartlett: ‘The Republican Party Needs to Die’
    Onetime Reagan White House aide Bruce Bartlett on the media’s massive failure and his own party’s living death.
    H/T AlterNet
    Salient quotes:
    The Citizens United decision defined corporate money as free speech. This undermines American democracy by allowing the most powerful business interests and the richest individuals to overrule and veto the desires of the American people.

    The United States is an oligarchy. Recent research shows that the country’s elected officials are most responsive to the rich, business interest groups and others with the resources to buy access.

    The Republican Party uses gerrymandering and voter suppression to remain in power. It has ceased to believe in any form of compromise or negotiation with Democrats or liberals. This has made consensus politics and a healthy, responsive, functioning government all but impossible

    and much, mucho more.

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