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Wednezday, Humpf Day, and Here’z the Gnuz!

Senate GOP Hold-Outs Moving To ‘Yes’ On Tax Bill After Promises From Trump, Leadership
Here we go, down the primrose lane…with thorns for the 99% and gilded lillies for the 1%

North Korea’s latest missile test went more than 10 times higher than the space station
H/T Vox
Looks like they are almost nuclear capable…Scary sheiss considering the two leades are 40 years apart chronologically, but are mirror images of themselves egotistically and emotionally.
Trump retorts… “I will only tell you, we will take care of it”. Hopefully he will do something more productive than shatting himself.

Trump Says He’ll Blame Democrats If The Government Shuts Down
It doesn’t matter what the Prezidunce calls it, or who he blames for it. The Republicans control the government, and they will own it. All the way to November 2018.

Open Thread, Glad hand it, then put it back on the shelf!

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