Music Night: All Covers All the Time Edition

Getting an early start today!  Our own Gary Herstein came up with this idea, and maybe it will inspire an earworm or two.  😉

34 thoughts on “Music Night: All Covers All the Time Edition

  1. I don’t know if my previous post made it to “music night”. Here’s my entry for before I head out for the evening. David Bowie’s farewell video. Don’t watch it if you don’ want to cry.

  2. All I remembered about this song was that it was the theme song to an early Michael Caine movie. For some reason I played this Cilla Black version the other day, and I’ve been stuck on studying the differences between her version and Dionne Warwick’s. Cher’s, and Barbra Streisand’s since then. I’d never paid close attention to the lyrics either, but now with the internet, I was able to SEE what my ears hadn’t been hearing well enough all these years. This song provides quite a contrast between two philosophies of life, as the singer challenges the character, Alfie, to embrace the kinder, unselfish way.
    The film was released in the UK with the Cilla Black recording, but was released in the US using the version by Cher.

  3. Before the breathin’ air is gone
    before the sun is just a bright spot in the nighttime…(I think Williams and Nichols knew what was coming?)

  4. Susan Collins is on Meet the Press, and even she is saying the tax cut will pay for itself.

    She also claimed it will create jobs, which means, at current employment levels, wages will rise, which will cause the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, which will kill the growth, in the name of thwarting inflation.

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