Daily Gnuz

Monday – first week of December – the Gnuz look thusly:

McConnell predicts unpopular tax bill will be a winning issue for GOP
H/T WaPo
RUC predicts McTurtle is wrong, and 2018 elections will tell.

Trump: I knew Michael Flynn lied to the FBI when I fired him
H/T Vox
How dumb is someone who tweets his way to admitting obstruction of justice? Prezidunce.

GOP analyst predicts John Kelly exit after learning Trump secretly sabotages him: ‘How long can he take it?’
H/T Raw Story
Apparently Herr Drumpf has been doing secret assignments going end run on his Chief of Staff. How many ex-generals can you piss off, before you get pissed on?

Open Thread, chew it up and spit it out!

RUCerious @ PZoo

4 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. Sickening. This nation dies a slow and ponderous death because far too many of the (sub) human dregs in charge are unable to comprehend anything other than hate, fear, money and power.

    “Apocalyptic” Melting Transpires in Antarctica as Earth Wraps Up a Scorching Year

    Trump Guts 2 Protected National Monuments In Utah

    What we really need is more fossil fuel to burn in order to speed up ice/glacier melt and attendant sea level rise and drought. So let’s make Grand Escalante and Bears Ears National Monuments available for drilling!


  2. QOTD:

    “Imagine the people who believe such things and who are not ashamed to ignore, totally, all the patient findings of thinking minds through all the centuries since the Bible was written. And it is these ignorant people, the most uneducated, the most unimaginative, the most unthinking among us, who would make themselves the guides and leaders of us all; who would force their feeble and childish beliefs on us; who would invade our schools and libraries and homes. I personally resent it bitterly.”

    ~ Isaac Asimov

  3. Our system is comprised of very bad people entrusted to do the right thing.
    The Democrats are demanding the vote be delayed.
    While what Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Maggie Hassan are doing is a step in the right direction, I do not feel that it is drastic enough.
    They need to bare their teeth and show that they mean business
    I say no. No delay. Throw the whole thing out along with Ajit Pai and put a Golden Retriever in his place.
    We are going to perish as a nation as long as we do not reform the lobbying that permits the purchase of power.


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