Daily Gnuz, Sunday Shitehole

America’s descent into hell is accelerating inexorably.

From Friday’s ThinkProgress, another murderous police officer gets off in a stupefying “innocent” verdict. WARNING: the article does include the graphic bodycam video of the murder. I did NOT watch it, as the article’s description of the senseless killing was more than enough. Read it and weep – I did.

Next, here’s what Rep. Mark “Trailhiker” Sanford said about the “tax reform” bill in a brief interview with Erica Werner of the Washington Post:

Mark Sanford (R) admits tax bill is a sham.

A new survey shows that 30% of white Evangelicals are still willing to overlook pretty much every non-christian thing that trump says or does. Here’s a brief excerpt from an article by Christian Post reporter Samuel Smith:

“On Tuesday, PRRI [Public Religion Research Institute] released its annual American Values Survey titled “One Nation, Divided, Under Trump,” which found that just over four in 10 white evangelicals (42 percent) were weak Trump supporters, answering that although they support Trump, it is still possible for them to lose their support. Meanwhile, 30 percent of white evangelicals say they approve of Trump and “there’s almost nothing President Trump could do to lose my approval…”

NOTE: Definitely check out the link at “One Nation, Divided, Under Trump”, interesting statistics laid out there.

Last, in keeping with the above Christian Post theme, another article confirms that not ALL Evangelical “christians” believe that getting another anti-abortion vote in the Senate is worth the cost. This opinion piece by Craig M Watts in The Christian Post starts out:

“Once again, abortion is being used to justify supporting a political candidate that deserves nothing but condemnation by Christians.”

Open Thread – enjoy! (or whatever more appropriate term you want to use.)

8 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz, Sunday Shitehole

  1. Abortion. Gay marriage. LGBT rights overall. Birth control. Etc. Laws have been passed, judicial interpretations made, that allow freedom of choice in said matters and yet, Christers everywhere scream and shit and shit and scream on a daily basis in protest of those now-designated freedoms. I recently caught a glimpse of Roy Moore on TV wherein he stated that gay marriage was “evil.” What’s up with these people?? I mean, the laws and the judicial interpretations simply allow every person the right to, for whatever THEIR reason, partake or participate. THEIR decision. There is no law anywhere that, for example, MANDATES every woman have an abortion, or MANDATES same sex marriage, or even DEMANDS the use of birth control. So what the hell is the problem?

    I must live in a fog. Some things baffle me.

  2. That video was sickening. The cop is a murderer. That cop has some real issues. He got to fulfill one of his fantasies of killing someone.

    • I’m sorry that you felt compelled to watch it, but I am not that brave. I can’t even watch that sort of thing when it’s fake on some TV show or movie.

      Were five heavily-armed gung-ho cops necessary to respond to the ‘crime’ tip from a woman who ‘thought she saw a man with a rifle’ (pellet gun?)? Was it necessary for those five gung-ho cops to make those people crawl or be shot? And of course, how in the name of anything that is sacred can ANYONE deliberately and cruelly kill a man – A COMPLETELY INNOCENT MAN – who is on his knees crying and begging for his life?

      Every one of those five heavily-armed gung-ho cops is guilty of mentally torturing three innocent people and pleasure-killing one in cold blood.

      Welcome to Trumpland.

      • I saw the video on TV yesterday. It was disgusting. But since the murderer was a cop in Mesa AZ and the court was Maricopa County Superior (think Joe
        Arpaio territory), I wasn’t terribly surprised.

        Speaking of Joe Arpaio, I read the other day that he’s thinking of running for Jeff Flake’s Senate seat. Arpaio has been pardoned, after all, so he’s now allowed to bring his hatred of Hispanics back to the forefront. Washington prolly needs some of that about now, else they might not build that wall.

      • I don’t think apologies are necessary Jane. I think that should be mandatory viewing for what a police state looks like.
        Even more disturbing. An article in this mornings paper says that my state employs more gypsy cops (fired cops that relocate) than any other state in the union so, former Mesa police officer Philip Mitchell Brailsford won’t have any shortage of job offers.

        • After viewing the video, I have concluded that this is not his first shooting. He displayed none of the normal human reactions or emotions that wash over a person when they experience this type of encounter. He went to work every day hoping for a chance to kill some one.

  3. Thanks for posting the daily gnuz Jane, I was busy making sugared walnuts with the wife and kids… and watching my Seahawks play bad, bad football.

    • I started it on Saturday after seeing the TP article, then needed to get away for a bit. I could have left it at that, since that’s what set me off, but I threw in the other stuff to try to get the bad taste out of my mouth.

      Don’t talk to me about bad football – I watched all I could stand of the Jets, then took a nap. I’m having a lousy season in the office football pool – Wayne’s in the pool, too, but he hasn’t won yet, either. Oh, well, if trump doesn’t ban the NFL, “there’s always next year.”

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