Daily Gnuz

Today, Monday, December 11th is here. and HERE is the Gnuz

Republicans fret over tax bill’s unpopularity
H/T The Hill
Really? I find that very difficult to believe. To fret:

verb: fret; 3rd person present: frets; past tense: fretted; past participle: fretted; gerund or present participle: fretting
1. be constantly or visibly worried or anxious.
“the congress fretted about the chance of losing their jobs when people figure out the consequences of the tax bill.”

gradually wear away (something) by rubbing or gnawing.
“the tax laws fret the American worker’s standard of living”

Three Trump accusers reveal to Megyn Kelly new details about ‘gross and dirty’ experience with president
H/T Raw Story
Gross and dirty. Says it all about this Prezidunce.


Pipe bomb explodes in subway passage near Port Authority Bus Terminal, one suspect in custody
H/T NY Daily News
I sense a crackdown by the Trump administration. Time to round up all the ______…whatever ethnic group the suspect may be a member of…

Open Thread, get through the day, week, years until the next election…
RUCerious @ TPZoo

6 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. I have a longer than usual schedule today. The company Christmas party is Friday, so, in order for second shift to attend, if we choose to, we are working four ten hour days. Instead of 3 to 11, I’m working 2 to 12. I’d go to the party if the walk in from the parking lot wasn’t so long. You have to park outside the chain link fence, then it’s a small hike to the main entrance, followed by a small hike to the area of the plant they hold the party. The machine shop where I work for them is in an auxiliary location that used to be the whole company some years ago. It’s closer to my house, and I park in the rear really close to where I work.

    • Working 4/10s is a pretty good gig, unless you’re doing precision activities, in which case the fatigue sets in about hour 9 or so, and you get to redo much of the work done in that last part. At least that’s what my expeience has been. That said, for a normal shift it’s not bad, as you get three days off to get ready for the next haul. I took my wife to our company Xmas bash Saturday night, and we had fun.

  2. The RW faux economists never include in their growth projections that if the economy actually grew at the rate needed to raise enough revenue to offset tax cuts, that the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates to stop the runaway inflation that would otherwise occur.

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