Holiday Greetings

No Gnuz today, just wanting to wish all the Zoo Crtitters a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Fantastic Festivus, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza, and Best Wishes for the Holiday Season!

Ragnar Ulysses Cerious, Esquire

9 thoughts on “Holiday Greetings

    • Last year, we finally decided to vote on our way in to work, and got paid for the time we missed.

      That’s a handy link, though. At our office, if we hadn’t asked what the company policy was, we wouldn’t have known because they don’t communicate very well there.

      • The gerrymandering in this place follows racial and economic lines to the point where it looks like an abstract art exhibit and the artist was having seizures.

  1. I would like to offer happy holidays and solstice salutations to all the Zoosters!

    It’s been too damned cold on the frozen tundra for ice fishing so I spent the weekend in a cozy basement with the boys in the band. We actually made a lot of progress getting my buddy’s studio set up for his new recording software and even recorded a couple tracks that would work for our upcoming, though still hypothetical, CD. I hope everyone is as warm, safe, and well-fed as I am.


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