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Tis Wednezday, and herein be the Gnuz(es)

Donald Trump is a dangerously weak president
The media is crediting him with a tax overhaul victory. But he still holds remarkably little clout in Washington.

H/T Vox
Neustadt’s book was one of my favorite reads as a poli sci major in college. I remember most clearly the paragraph where Ike was asked about the power of the presidency, and he replied (as I paraphrase from memory), I’m just a glorified clerk, but, the power of the presidency is the ability to use the bully pulpit to convince others that what you are asking them to do is in their own self interest. This article is a great read for those of you who are poli-sci enthusiasts…
Trump has no concept of this. Nil. Nada. Nuttin.


Report: Intel Panels Interviewed Figure Who Attended Key Trump Tower Meeting
Gotta wonder which Drumpf toady this witness’ testimony will show to be untruthy?


Trump: Dems, GOP will eventually develop ‘great new HealthCare plan’
H/T The Hill
A broken clock is right twice a day.
And the next ‘great new HealthCare plan will be called Single Payer. And the current prezidunce will have had nothing at all to do with it, except get people ready by screwing them over to the point where the entire Congress and Executive Branch are in the hands of the capable.

Open Thread, enjoy one byte at a thyme
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3 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. Per “Trump: Dems, GOP will eventually develop ‘great new HealthCare plan’ ” —
    (1) Republican are decimated in 2018 electoral slaughter.
    (2) Trump & Pence are indicted and impeached.
    (3) Democrats develop ‘great new HealthCare plan’.

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