Happy GNU YEAR – It Be 2018!

And, on this inaugural day of the year, here’s the GNUZ!

Eastern U.S. braces for the most frigid start to new year in decades: Here’s how cold
H/T WaPo
Now, That’s Cold, frigid, biting, bitter, freezing effing COLD. Stay safe all you’ze out there!

New image from NASA shows massive iceberg in Antarctica melting
H/T Raw Story
Climate Change…not just global warming, extremes in Cold and Hot, read all about it. Understand it. But that’s apparently too much to ask of the sitting on his Mar-a-GoGo Butt, prezidunce.

Finally, I vowed to not put up yet another article about hewhoshouldnotbenamed… so…
Does the White Working Class Really Vote Against Its Own Interests?
Screw to be, or not to be…
Are working-class white voters shooting themselves in the foot by making common cause with a political movement that is fundamentally inimical to their economic self-interest?
THAT is the question.

Open Thread, Start off the New Year with a song in your heart and a beer in your hand!

RUCerious @TPZoo

5 thoughts on “Happy GNU YEAR – It Be 2018!

  1. Yes, it’s currently 11 degrees out, heading down to a low of 5 degrees around dawn tomorrow. One of our older cats who is used to going out for his rounds in normal cold weather, now goes out and back in in about 2 minutes, tops. We’re going through a lot more kitty litter this past week or so while it’s been so fucking cold!

  2. I could really go off on how white people vote against their own best interests after being on a POA board and trying to keep costs reasonable and not raising fees for the year.
    I was voted off the board, a toadie was “voted” in and the mindless lemmings that operate on fear voted themselves a massive increase in POA fees that will come home to roost next quarter. The increase will go into a reserve account that yields a pathetic interest rate and is intangible as an asset = contributes nothing towards property value. It’s money that just got farted down a rat hole by a bunch of Trump groupies.
    I suspect more nefarious workings in the background like private pet projects or embezzlement and skimming of funds.
    Yes, for some unknown reason people vote against their own best interests because they believe some great cosmic force will rescue them from their own stupidity and they will get a second chance.
    And a third chance and on and on.
    Meanwhile, Donald golfs.
    I hate golf. I hope some one clubs the snot out of me if I ever pick up a golf club.

    • The paltry sum of 43 million dollars in taxpayer funds went down the shithole of TrumpGolf. At his private “National” golf courses.
      Let’s see, I believe that gets filed under graft, corruption, profiteering and generic slimeballing.

      • I have my own beliefs on golf. Don’t get me started on the chemicals that leech into our water supply and poison everything that comes in contact with it.
        Here’s where I’d begin.
        1. All natural landscape. No modification of habitat, wild animals included. They’re part of the hazards.
        2. You have to make your own golf clubs. Yep, no store bought titanium Tiger Woods shit here. Start whittling and carving your own woods. Smelt and forge your own irons.
        3. You only get one ball and that ball must be biodegradable. Lose the ball, lose the game. Too bad.
        4. Attire. The three Stooges set the bar very high for golf wear and anything less is grounds for dismissal.
        5. The person with the highest score wins. Maximization of value is what I see here. Who wants a low score in an economy driven by greed? More is better, right?

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