Daily Gnuz – Late Edition

Mid-week, and here’z the Gnuz!

Bannon Says Trump Tower Meeting Was ‘Treasonous’ And ‘Unpatriotic’
Looks like the traitors are calling the traitors traitors.


‘It Is Time To Stop Chasing Rabbits’: Fusion GPS Founders Accuse GOP Of Protecting Trump
Covering up is what R’s do best. Watergate, Iran/Contra, etc, etc, et effing cetera


The scary reality behind Trump’s long Tuesday of weird tweets…He’s relying on Fox News for all his information.

H/T Vox
What could possibly go wrong?

Open Thread, Shred it!
RUCerious @ TPZoo


7 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz – Late Edition

  1. The RWNJs are convinced Michael Wolff’s new book is fake news, because pResident Goat Fucker couldn’t remember who John Boehner was. I don’t suppose it’s any use to offer the suggestion that he was having an episode of early onset dementia?

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