Daily Gnuz

Friday, almost made it through another week, almost. Hopefully, we won’t start a war on an Asian peninsula this week. Here’z the Gnuzes…

What The Hell Is The DHS Going To Do With Kobach’s Voter Fraud Panel Mess?
OMG! Kobach actually pressed charges against two people for voter fraud! How many millions of taxpayer bucks per charge does that cost? Idiot.


Worst Thing Steve Bannon Said About Trump? ‘Money Laundering’
H/T Alternet
Ah, yes, THAT hotel in Panama, where Russian Mob money was cleansed by buying suites…Follow the money!


Trump aides planning to flee as Wolff book throws White House deeper into turmoil: reports
H/T Raw Story
Looks like Trump is draining the swamp alright. The one he created at the White House.

Open Thread, no lick, no spittle
RUCerious @ TPZoo