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Trump tweets that he’s a genius and “a very stable genius at that!”
H/T Vox
If his genius is to found in a stable, it must have to do with mucking the horsesh!t out. He dumps enough

Republicans head to Camp David in search of agenda
Trump, Ryan and McConnell hold a rare weekend powwow to decide what exactly to do in 2018.

H/T Politico
They want to do infrastructure. great. Where the hell is the money going to come from? Taxes? Not a chance. Defense spending cuts, ha ha..right. Oh, yes, entitlements!

Mueller Investigators Looking at Ivanka Trump Contacts with Russians at Trump Tower Meeting
H/T Alternet
Could be a nothing here, but could also be the straw that breaks the case wide open.

Open Thread, and it quacks like a duck!

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