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Trump tweets that he’s a genius and “a very stable genius at that!”
H/T Vox
If his genius is to found in a stable, it must have to do with mucking the horsesh!t out. He dumps enough

Republicans head to Camp David in search of agenda
Trump, Ryan and McConnell hold a rare weekend powwow to decide what exactly to do in 2018.

H/T Politico
They want to do infrastructure. great. Where the hell is the money going to come from? Taxes? Not a chance. Defense spending cuts, ha ha..right. Oh, yes, entitlements!

Mueller Investigators Looking at Ivanka Trump Contacts with Russians at Trump Tower Meeting
H/T Alternet
Could be a nothing here, but could also be the straw that breaks the case wide open.

Open Thread, and it quacks like a duck!

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5 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. First takeaway, on This Week: The President surrounded himself with people who were out for themselves. Duh. Conservatives don’t do altruism.

  2. Mike Pompeo on Face the Nation was asked for an example of Trump’s competence. His example began ‘back in the Spring…’. Trump has gone downhill fast since the Spring.

  3. On Face the Nation, after the break, we’ll discuss illegal likker money with the Boss Hogg himself, Haley Barbour. (Not what John Dickerson ACTUALLY said, but what he COULD have said.)

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