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Mundane Monday, and here’s der Gnuz

Trump starting workday later to spend more time watching TV and tweeeting: report
H/T The Hill via Axios
Probably not a bad thing, except that Faux Snooze is his primary source of information. That’s not only sad, but dangerous. He’s burning out on the job, turning into a morning slacker.

Here are 21 facts that explain exactly who Stephen Miller is
H/T Raw Story
NRA, NeoNazi, Bigoted, and apparently got kicked off a CNN interveiw for verbally fellating Trump today.

Temperatures In Australia Hit 117 Degrees As Sydney Sees Hottest Day In 78 Years
H/T HuffPo
Perhaps Trump, being bored out of his tiny skull could take a month long vacation in the Outback. With a can of coke.

Open Thread, grin and bare it!

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    • Dammit, my eight year old son is in Highly Capable 3rd grade, and this is a damnable insult to him and his classmates!

    • had to go look up who was the 30th prez.
      Cal Coolidge. Makes Sense, get ready for the Depression.

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