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Trump Tells Farmers: ‘You Are So Lucky’ I Gave You ‘Privilege’ Of Voting For Me
The prezidunce’s ego knows no boundary. Unmitigated horsemanure in a bloated gaseous bag of skin

How the Tax Bill Will Doom Republicans This November
H/T The Nation
Reverse Robbin Hood. The rich are looting the country, lining their pockets and letting the hood rot from neglect.

Republicans: Budget deal prospects are dimming
H/T Politico
Dimming. That’s a nice word for ‘screwing the pooch’. No effing wall. end of story. No DACA, no problem, prezidunce wants a ‘good shutdown’ no problem. Make my day, asssholes.

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10 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

    • Booh-Rah! Slap that illegal negation of the electorate into the trash bin of history.

  1. How the Trump Administration Could Game Paychecks to Win Support for the Tax Bill


    ‘Individual tax cuts are very skewed to the top 5 percent. But if the withholding tables are tweaked to give the middle class more in their paycheck, it can look more like a broad-based cut. Sure, workers may have to give a lot of that back to the government the next tax year, but that won’t be until April 2019, well after the midterms.’

    • Yeah, but the rich are eating everyone else’s lunch. Hammer the crap out of that for the full year up to the election. And the not-rich’s kids and their kids are gonna pay for it in a decade or two.

  2. Some dumb ass on a post I agreed with is claiming Trump knows the words to the National Anthem but a) was too emotional to sing them, and/or b) the media’s “agenda” is skewing this with their sound delay. WTF???

    I’m never less than amazed at how they project their versions of reality into their versions of Trump.

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