Daily Gnuz

Twozday, and here’s the Gnuz, straighty out from the Gnuzerator

Trump Tells Farmers: ‘You Are So Lucky’ I Gave You ‘Privilege’ Of Voting For Me
The prezidunce’s ego knows no boundary. Unmitigated horsemanure in a bloated gaseous bag of skin

How the Tax Bill Will Doom Republicans This November
H/T The Nation
Reverse Robbin Hood. The rich are looting the country, lining their pockets and letting the hood rot from neglect.

Republicans: Budget deal prospects are dimming
H/T Politico
Dimming. That’s a nice word for ‘screwing the pooch’. No effing wall. end of story. No DACA, no problem, prezidunce wants a ‘good shutdown’ no problem. Make my day, asssholes.

Open Thread, chew it up and ruminate it!

RUCerious @TPZoo

10 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. How the Trump Administration Could Game Paychecks to Win Support for the Tax Bill


    ‘Individual tax cuts are very skewed to the top 5 percent. But if the withholding tables are tweaked to give the middle class more in their paycheck, it can look more like a broad-based cut. Sure, workers may have to give a lot of that back to the government the next tax year, but that won’t be until April 2019, well after the midterms.’

  2. Some dumb ass on a post I agreed with is claiming Trump knows the words to the National Anthem but a) was too emotional to sing them, and/or b) the media’s “agenda” is skewing this with their sound delay. WTF???

    I’m never less than amazed at how they project their versions of reality into their versions of Trump.

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