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‘Stable genius’ Donald Trump doesn’t actually have an MBA from Wharton: report
H/T Raw Story
Wait! You mean the fake prezidunce has a FAKE Master’s Degree? With a Major in Mental Masterbaytion?

GOP may skip budget, kneecapping 2018 ambitions
Lacking the votes and fearing political blowback, Republicans are unlikely to deploy powerful budget procedures to enact their agenda.

H/T Politico
Uh. Oh. With a House Divided into radical and slightly less radical conservatives, a Senate Majority of One, a prezidunce who can’t stay focused, the R’s, with control of the Executive and Legislative branches of government, can’t figure out how to govern.

Trump refuses to commit to Mueller interview
H/T The Hill
Something’s gonna bust out loose, and pretty darn quick…Get the popcorn and stay tuned!

Open Thread, hold your breath and wait for it!

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