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‘Stable genius’ Donald Trump doesn’t actually have an MBA from Wharton: report
H/T Raw Story
Wait! You mean the fake prezidunce has a FAKE Master’s Degree? With a Major in Mental Masterbaytion?

GOP may skip budget, kneecapping 2018 ambitions
Lacking the votes and fearing political blowback, Republicans are unlikely to deploy powerful budget procedures to enact their agenda.

H/T Politico
Uh. Oh. With a House Divided into radical and slightly less radical conservatives, a Senate Majority of One, a prezidunce who can’t stay focused, the R’s, with control of the Executive and Legislative branches of government, can’t figure out how to govern.

Trump refuses to commit to Mueller interview
H/T The Hill
Something’s gonna bust out loose, and pretty darn quick…Get the popcorn and stay tuned!

Open Thread, hold your breath and wait for it!

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13 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said, according to these people, referring to African countries and Haiti. He then suggested that the United States should instead bring more people from countries like Norway, whose prime minister he met Wednesday.”

    • Donald J. Trump — aka Num Dong Don — born in US as a descendant of immigrants, is the most disgusting SHITHOLE! alive today, anywhere on the planet. Period.

      Please feel free to point out to him that it was I who said it, who summed the dumb “blonde” shithole up by placing him into the most proper and descriptive context available. And thank him for finally handing me the proper and most descriptive (“contextual”) word.

  2. The Norwegians were here centuries ago.
    Some stayed in Minnesota and then formed a football team.
    The sensible ones went back home, pining for the fjords of Norway

  3. Well, my shift just got cancelled, so since this company is the first I have worked for to honor MLK Day, I have an unexpected four day weekend!

  4. Anyone watching Rachel?

    She’s all flustered with this WSJ report of a payoff by trump’s “fix-it” lawyer to one or more trump bimbettes shortly before the election.

    • I watched her and had to smile at her being out of her body.

      I’ve read that when Trump was in the hotel room with Stormy he had her call another porn actress, 4 times, inviting her to join them. I suspect this other woman may be the souce of the current leak about the tryst. Perhaps Trump forgot to tell Michael Cohen about her and she never signed a NDA. The inepness of the people he surrounds himself with, as pointed out in Ronny L. Jackson vs Ronnie Jackson story, makes me wonder if its actually good that they’re so bad in their jobs.

      • “makes me wonder if its actually good that they’re so bad in their jobs”
        If surrounding him with porn stars and sycophants means keeping Donald away from policy making, signing away our federal lands and blurting stupid malapropisms on national teevee, it might not be a bad thing.
        It’s not like this is really shocking. I say park him on a golf course with strippers for caddies 24/7 and let the nation get back to the issues that really need attention.
        Donald and porn stars = ho hum
        Donald signing away federal lands. Why aren’t people more outraged?

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