Daily Gnuz – Freiday Edition

It’s the end of the week, the gummint’s gonna run outa money, and here’s the gnuz!

House approves spending bill, shifting shutdown drama to Senate
H/T The Hill
So, you go to a used car lot, and the salesman says, I’ve got this beauty here for just $3,000! Got everything on it, you’ll love it!
You say, does it have power everything? He says, sure does!.
So, you test drive it, and it handles really poorly, the steering is impossible to use. You come back and complain.
The sales guy says, well, it doesn’t have power steering, but the doors and windows have power locks! They’re better!
That’s Trump. The deal breaker.
You don’t get to dictate what the other side negotiates. We want DACA. If you want to support funding for CHIP, do it because it’s the right thing to do. That’s NOT what’s on thte table.
The Art of the Scam, bait and switch. When you say you’ll sign the bill that is bipartisanly negotiated, then when the bill comes, you switch, you break your word.
That’s why no bank in America will loan this turd a dime.

Trump’s new HHS office will protect health care workers who object to abortion
H/T Vox
Next thing you know, he’ll have a committee for the uplifting of white victims of racism…

Homeland Security ‘Guarding’ Voting Booths? It’s the Trump Team’s Big Wish
H/T Alternet
If that’s not scary, nothing is. Nothing like a little intimidation at the polling place, eh, dicktater?

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