Daily Diddley Gnuz

It’s Tuezday, and the Gnuz looketh thusly,

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Strikes Down GOP-Crafted Congressional Map
More Repugnicant gerrymandering confounded. Keystone state demonstrates some electoral fairness

‘Fake news — I’m coming to gun you all down’: Michigan man arrested after threatening to kill CNN employees
H/T RawStory
Attn: White House resident Donald Trump. You OWN this.

Robert Reich: Trump Is Destroying the GOP from the Inside Out
H/T Alternet
Yes, and those who pledge allegiance to the man and not the country will pay dearly as the ‘man’ takes them all the way to the bottom of the cesspool.

Open Thread, pack it up and race with it!

RUCerious @TPZoo

6 thoughts on “Daily Diddley Gnuz

  1. I signed my offer letter last night, to transition from contractor to direct hire where I’ve been working since last March. It’s costing me 6 bucks an hour, but I believe it will be worth it They pay all the health insurance except for $711 a year for my share of the premiums, and provide D and D and both short term and long term disability insurance at no cost to the employee. This is also the first company I’ve ever hired onto with three weeks vacation a year the first year.

      • Congratulations! It sounds like a good move on your part. We all reach a certain age when benefits become a priority. I’m an insurance agent, and although I focus mainly on commercial coverage, I also do employee benefits for companies, large and small. Employers make a hefty investment in benefits in order to keep the best people long term.

      • Me too. I’ve had two big companies close out from under me since 2009. I’m hoping this one will hang around until I can retire. The shop makes repair parts for Sikorsky and Bell copters mostly. They strip them down to the airframe and replace anything with stress cracks, and they have enough experience to know where to look. Then they are refitted and sold to new owners.

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