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Twozday and here’s the Gnuz

Republicans love their tax law. Voters aren’t so sure.
With polls showing Republicans have yet to make the sale on the tax bill, it’s not clear how much the new law will help them in November.

H/T Politico
Jury’s still out, but we have an electorate that’s gonna be the ‘hangin’ judge.

House Intel votes to make Nunes memo public
H/T The Hill
So let’s see what the big deal is, remember this is a collage put together by just another nutjob ReichWanker.

US says no need for new Russia sanctions
H/T Raw Story
Two Words:
Steele Dossiere

Open Thread, fold it up and swat a Republican with it!

RUCerious @TPZoo

19 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

    • Our justice system is crap, so naturally he likes it.

      On a side note, Gowdy’s hairline is creeping back on his pointy head*, so maybe he’s just too vain for his opponent’s plethora of TV campaign ads.

      *Not that there’s anything wrong with balding; not everyone uses their hormones to grow hair. 😉

  1. So what if the FBI, CIA and DOJ are ALL biased against the Trump RICO? I always want my investigators and prosecutors to be zealous in their jobs. It’s when they aren’t that we run into trouble.

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