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It’s already Friday, and here’s the Gnuz

Could Trump’s ‘Big, Beautiful Wall’ Be a Profit Engine—for Him?
H/T Alternet
Umm, with this Grifter-In-Chief, that would be a given


Trump accuses top FBI, DOJ officials of politicizing probes as memo release looms
H/T Politico
They say the best defense is a good offense, but this is the supposed leader of the government, the most partisan hack to ever hold that high office, attacking the DOJ for being partisan???


Ryan supports release of Democrats’ countermemo
H/T The Hill
That’s nice. But….Isn’t he the majority leader of the majority party in the House? Doesn’t he run the joint? Why isn’t he DOING anything to advance the RELEASE of the counter claim document that will shred Nunes?

Open Thread, may we live in interesting times!
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