Daily Gnuz

Monday Edition, wrested from the cold, dead hands of the free press. You know, the heretofore important Fourth Estate.

Lawmakers dispute ‘vindication’ for Trump in Intel memo
H/T The Hill

Vindicate derives from Latin vindicatus, the past participle of the verb vindicare, meaning “to set free, avenge, or lay claim to.”.
To set free, as in not go to jail for obstruction of justice
To avenge, as in avenging the dishonor he heaps upon himself with braggodoccio and lies.
Lay claim to, as in claiming that he has the best lies, the bests alibies, the best toadies, etc.

Paul Ryan and Devin Nunes Are Betraying the Constitution in the Service of Donald Trump
H/T The Nation
Party before Country. George Washington feared this. And it has come to pass.

The queen of ‘alternative facts’ is upset that people are going on TV and lying ‘under oath’ about the Nunes memo
H/T Raw Story
Umm. Konnie Ann Kelway, when one is on teevee, one is not ‘under oath’ on a Sunday talk show. Geezus, what a Dumbass.

Open Thread, light it on fire and run with it!

RUCerious @TPZoo

22 thoughts on “Daily Gnuz

  1. Proverbs for Tiny Hands

    The empty barrel makes the most noise.

    A man is judged by the company he keeps.

    To excuse yourself is to accuse yourself.

    When a man is wrapped up in himself, the package is small.

  2. Why has TPM, Raw Story, and Crooks and Liars become almost unreadable due to spam and click bait ads? I just about have to limit my reading to Vox, Politicususa, and The Intercept nowadays.

      • What other virus protection do you have? I have been advised not to use Adblock with the Norton that is my main protection.

        • I use Malwarebytes only, have used it for three years now, and have remained clean as a whistle in the process. In the past I used Norton, but my local computer repair service tech suggested I toss it and go to Malwarebytes instead. So far so good.

      • I use Opera as my browser….it blocks ads automatically unless you turn it off. The only site I have an issue with is the Washington Post…It won’t let you in until you shut off the ad blocker, so I just don’t read it.

        People are getting tired of all the crap..

    • Take all the wounded veterans alive and parade them, single file, past the the Not-So-Bright House. Orderlies can push the bed-ridden and those not able to walk. It would be hugh, maybe the longest parade ever!

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