Daily (Sunday) Gnuz

Sorry, no comics with today’s Sunday Gnuz.

How Trump Plans to Evict Poor Families From Public Housing
H/T The Nation
More nefarious intent embedded in the Budget that cuts to the bone.

Floridians Tell Politicians Who Do The NRA’s Bidding Their Time Is Up
H/T Huff Po
Hope it doesn’t take too many more of these shooting galleries to convince the American voters that guns = violence, and assault weapons are for soldiers.

Why a Government Run by Oligarchs is Very Deadly
H/T Alternet
Seems self evident, but there are some interesting points made here.

Open Thread, put it under a microscope and examine it!

RUCerious @TPZoo

4 thoughts on “Daily (Sunday) Gnuz

  1. Sorry to be a nuisance, but I’ve a minor announcement that I’ll be repeating for the next few days.

    My Facebook account has become a nightmare to me, and I will be shutting down, possibly for good. I’m going to try running with a “clean” account, just people that don’t say incredibly stupid things, and comments that don’t leave me wanting shake hands with a chain saw. That newer, less stressful fb presence is here:


    Anyone from the Zoo who would like to reconnect (or who gets a friend request from that new id), it is me, and feel free.

      • I’ve abandoned my Faceplant account, which is tied to my college account. I retired last April from the college, but taught a couple of evenings last November to cover for a friend. Had 720 emails stacked up, mostly from facebook, which is mostly high school friends. Just not too interested in adding to Mr Suckenberg’s vaults.

  2. I’ve never had a Facebook page, never will. Thought about it once several years ago, but it only took one closer look for me to completely disregard the entire of the concept. And lately it sounds as though I was right, that life is far more pleasant without the intrusion of so-called “Social Media.”

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