In wake of new school massacre, NRA announces new initiative

In the wake of the latest school massacre, the NRA has announced a new initiative designed to reduce or eliminate school shootings.

In a press release issued in the pre-dawn hours following the Florida Valentines Day Massacre, the NRA announced it will spend over $20 million in an ad campaign to lobby Congress to close public schools. The promo trailer for the ad features video footage from school shooting from Columbine to Sandy Hook to Parkland, while a narrator speaks “The solution is simple. School shooting happen at schools. If there are no schools, there will be no more school shootings.”

Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Secretary of Education, has already endorsed the NRA’s message, introducing a new round of initiatives to support in-home conservative christian schooling, supported by tax deductible vouchers and in-kind credits.

13 thoughts on “In wake of new school massacre, NRA announces new initiative

  1. I’m wondering how many of these high school kids who will participate in these marches next month will be registered to vote by November?

    • Hey CF! People are intermittent around here this past year, using other social media I assume. Zooey pokes her nose in from time to time, and assures us of her wellbeing living in Oregon. Same with Wayne and Jane, and everyone else you may remember. Hope your writing everyday.

      • The past year and a half have been challenging. Lots of family death and dying around us. Mrs. Cheese spends much of her time dealing with mom’s dementia. In school and still working (yay!); not writing as much as I should. I was working on a new book and it was out crazied by the crazies so I have to up my game. Glad to hear everyone is good. I didn’t mean to just disappear!

    • Hey Cheesy One! I’m still hanging around, getting a daily gnuz in once or twice a week.
      Been commenting on The Hill.
      Handle is Changerous…Lots of trolls, but still trying to talk common sense..if anyone’s listening.

      • I’m not at that site much, still mostly at RS; will check it out and watch for you. I have to admit it has been a challenging year for reasons other than those listed in my other comment. The stupid BS going on in our country right now just has me flabbergasted. Been walking into walls and stuff ha.

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